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Dental Cleaning & Exam
  • Examination - including a full periodontal charting and evaluation


  • Dental cleaning (prophylaxis)


  • Review examination findings with patient and caregiver


  • Refer patient to dentist, oral surgeon or periodontist as needed


  • Intra-Oral cancer screening


  • Head and Neck cancer screening




Educational Services


Resident Education:


  • Instructional group program for residents on oral health care and denture care.  Approximately 1/2 hour long.

  • Contact Cheryl for more information.


In-Service Training:


  • 1 hour In-Service training program for your staff

  • Instruction on oral care including care of dentures

  • Information on the link between oral health and overall health

  • How to recognize oral cancer, oral lesions and xerostomia

  • Contact Cheryl for more information


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